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A revolutionary way to sell and buy real estate has arrived.

One that will empower millions of Americans to overcome the challenges of selling their homes and at the same time, winning a home you love. It‘s called RealSure. And it features two unique programs:

RealSure Sell puts a 45-day cash offer in your hands while, STILL allowing you to continue marketing your home for the best possible price.

RealSure Buy‘s added benefts ensure you can win and move your dream home with the least amount of hassle. The choice is your, whether you accept the RealSure Cash Offer or an even better third-party offer.

Offered by Marc Huntington with Coldwell Banker and driven by two industry powerhouses, Realogy and Home Partners of America, RealSure offers assurance, flexibility, and ease like never before.


More certainty. Less worry. Sell your home with RealSure Sell.

Created by Home Partners of America and Realogy, the company behind the world’s most recognized residential real estate brands, RealSure Sell brings you a revolutionary new way to sell your home—the assurance of a guaranteed cash offer in hand while award winning agent, Marc Huntington, markets your home to beat that price.

Here’s how it works:
1. Receive a RealSure Cash Offer from Marc Huntington during your listing appointment.
2. Enroll in RealSure Sell to start your 45-Day Cash Offer Acceptance Period.
3. Let your Marc Huntington do what he does best—market your home and work to beat the Cash Offer:
    a. Get a higher offer from another buyer? Great! Take it, we want you to get the best price you can.
    b. Want to accept the Cash Offer? The Cash Offer is there when you need it. You can accept the Cash Offer at any time during your Acceptance Period.
4. If, after 45 days you want to continue marketing your home, you may. There is no obligation to accept the Cash Offer. 
5. If you do accept the Cash Offer, RealSure’s flexible closing options lets you choose a date that is convenient for you. Select a closing date any time between 20 and 45 days after acceptance.

With RealSure Sell, Your Home is Sold Guaranteed, or We Buy it! You’re just a few simple steps away from selling your home with control, certainty and flexibility like never before.


Don’t let selling your current home keep you from moving on to your dream home.

With RealSure Buy the choice is yours. Whether you accept the RealSure Cash Offer or a third party offer, RealSure Buy’s added benefts ensure you can win and move into a home you love with ease. Created by Home Partners and Realogy, the company behind Coldwell Banker, which is one of the world’s most recognized residential real estate brands, RealSure Buy helps you move forward with confdence.

Here’s how it works:
1. Enroll in RealSure Sell and get pre-approved with a best in class lender, Guarenteed Rate Affnity (GRA), to enroll in RealSure Buy.
Note: Participation in RealSure Buy does not require you to close a loan with GRA.
2. Don’t wait to win your dream home. RealSure will perform an upfront inspection and provide you a Home Value Statement so you understand the value of your home right away. Make an offer on your next home as if your current home is already sold by removing any sales contingency.
3. If you fnd a third-party offer for your home, RealSure has your back. Activate Assured Close to extend your Cash Offer up to 45 days to match your third-party closing date, protecting you from losing your dream home if your buyer drops out.
4. If you decide to accept the Cash Offer, RealSure helps you move with ease with Flex Stay. Stay in your current home for up to 30 days after selling to RealSure while you prepare to move into your next one. No double move, no hassle.


RealSure Overview and FAQ's

About RealSure

Who is behind RealSure?
RealSure is a partnership between Realogy, the leading and most integrated provider of residential real estate services in the U.S., and Home Partners of America, and Marc Huntington with Coldwell Banker. Trusted companies that are committed to making homeownership a reality for more people.

What is RealSure?
RealSure provides sellers certainty their home with sell for the best price and options to make buying the home they love easier.


Using RealSure

What types of homes are eligible for the program?
RealSure wants to make competitive and accurate cash offers to give you as the seller, maximum value and choice. As such, we analyze days on market, list price relative to sale prices within the area, location, and more. RealSure has some general property-level guidelines, which are listed below, see the Enrollment Agreement for additional criteria.
     - Single Family Residences, 1-unit, fee simple ownership
     - Max 2 acres
     - No new construction
     - No manufactured housing
     - Price Range: $100k – $650k (this can vary by market and increases in higher ASP markets)


RealSure Sell

Getting a Cash Offer & Program Enrollment

Is there any fee to get a cash offer?
No. In an effort to provide maximum value to you as the seller, RealSure does not charge any fee to request and receive a RealSure Cash Offer.

How does RealSure determine the value of my home?
We review local market conditions, recently sold comparable homes, and details of the home, including information provided by Marc Huntington during the cash offer submission.

Is RealSure for new listings only?
Yes. RealSure was designed to be used for new listings, a home must be delisted for at least 30 days prior to requesting a cash offer

I just listed a home on the MLS can I still enroll the property in RealSure?
You can enroll a property into RealSure up to 7 days after it has been entered into the MLS.

How long is the Cash Offer valid after it is initially provided by RealSure?
The Cash Offer is valid for 45 days. The Cash Offer can be refreshed if 45 days have passed. Cash offers are subject to change depending on market conditions.

What goes into the Assurance Fee?
The Assurance Fee goes towards RealSure’s costs in buying, holding, and selling your seller’s home, including the broker commission upon relisting the home.

Are there any fees to the seller if they enroll in RealSure Sell?
There are no upfront fees to enroll in RealSure if your seller opts to use the Program’s preferred title company. The seller has the choice to use an alternate title company, but in that case, will need to pay the $650 Participation Fee before enrollment.


Accepting the RealSure Cash Offer

When can I accept the RealSure Cash Offer?
Your can accept the RealSure Cash Offer at any point during the 45 Day Acceptance Period. If you wish to accept, simply flll out the Notice of Acceptance Form Provided by Marc Huntington with Coldwell Banker. 

If I do not get another offer at the end of the 45 days, do I have to accept the RealSure Cash Offer?
No, you are not obligated to accept the RealSure Cash Offer. There is no penalty to simply let the Cash Offer expire at the end of 45 days.

Can I still accept the RealSure Cash Offer if I have already accepted another third-party offer?
Yes, you can accept another offer and if, for whatever reason, that offer falls through within the 45-Day Acceptance Period, the RealSure Cash Offer can still be accepted.

What can I expect from the inspection and requested repair costs?
If you accept the RealSure Cash Offer, we order a standard inspection of the home with AmeriSpec Inspection Services. Within 10 days of receiving the signed contract, RealSure may provide a sales contract amendment reflecting a reduced purchase price based on the fndings of the inspection, and you then have 5 days to either accept or walk away from the contract.

Can I choose to make the repairs identifed in the inspection report?
No, Repairs are not permitted under the program. If repairs to the home are needed, the only option available to the seller under the program is a price adjustment.

How long will it take to close if I accept the RealSure Cash Offer?
You can choose a closing date within 20-45 days of returning the signed sales contract.

What happens to my home IF RealSure purchases it?
RealSure will perform any repairs outlined in the requested repair requests and then relist the home for sale.


RealSure Buy

Getting Started

What are the key offerings included in RealSure Buy?
RealSure Buy helps sellers secure a home they love with options to help them buy and move with ease.
   - Home Value Statement: After conducting an upfront inspection, RealSure will provide you with a net proceeds statement that allows you to make an offer on your next home as if your current home is already sold by removing any sales contingency
   - Assured Close: You can use the RealSure Cash Offer as a back-up option in case a 3rd party offer falls through (for up to an additional 45 days beyond the 45-day Acceptance Period).
   - Flex Stay: if you accept the RealSure Cash Offer, you have the option to stay in your home for up to 4 weeks as you plan to move.

Who does RealSure work with to offer RealSure Buy’s lending products?
RealSure has teamed up with Guaranteed Rate Affnity (GRA), which is a partnership between Realogy and Guaranteed Rate. Guaranteed Rate Affnity provides the best mortgage experience possible, with low rates, unbeatable customer service and a fast, simple process that ensures a stress- free closing.

If you choose to use GUaranteed Rate as your lender for the mortgage of your new home, you will receive a $500 closing cost credit* on your new loan.

To learn more about GRA, please visit

Note: Participation in RealSure Buy does not require your client to close a loan with GRA.

*$500 closing cost credit available through Guaranteed Rate Affnity, LLC. Qualifed participants must access the Guaranteed Rate Affnity website, successfully complete a mortgage loan application, and close the mortgage loan with Guaranteed Rate Affnity, LLC. Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Restrictions may apply.

How do I get started in RealSure Buy and when can I enroll?
   - The property information and seller must be approved by RealSure for participation in the RealSure Sell Program
   - Seller has not opted out of using REALtech Title Services
   - Seller has been pre-approved for a mortgage by GRA
   Note: there is no cost for you to get pre-approved, and you are under no obligation to close a loan with GRA.

To start the pre-approval process, you can send your seller to


Home Value Statement

How does RealSure Buy remove my seller’s sales contingency on their next home?
After conducting an upfront inspection, RealSure will provide your seller with a Home Value Statement which serves as evidence of a frm, non-sales contingent offer. If the net proceeds are suffcient, you can choose to waive your sales contingency, without having to accept the RealSure Cash Offer.

Does the upfront inspection for the Home Value Statement decrease the Acceptance Period for my seller?
No, you still have the full 45 days in the Acceptance Period to accept the RealSure Cash Offer. You do not need to accept the RealSure Cash Offer in order to request a Home Value Statement and receive the beneft of an upfront inspection.

Is there a cost to receive the Home Value Statement?
No, the Home Value Statement is completely free. 


Assured Close

What is needed to participate in Assured Close?
A third-party offer received during the Acceptance Period is required to qualify for Assured Close. You will need to submit a copy of your executed contract with the third-party along with the Assured Close Agreement. 

If you participate in Assured Close are you obligated to accept the RealSure Cash Offer if their third-party offer doesn’t close?
No, your are under no obligation to accept the RealSure Cash Offer if you participate in Assured Close. It is simply an option that you can choose to accept if the third-party offer falls through.

Is there a fee associated with Assured Close?
There is a $300 fee to enroll in Assured Close and extend the RealSure Cash Offer through your seller’s third-party closing date, up to an additional 45 days.


Flex Stay

When can I enroll in Flex Stay?
You must be enrolled in RealSure Buy to use Flex Stay. You can notify RealSure of your interest in Flex Stay when you accept the RealSure Cash Offer (on the Notice of Acceptance Form). Marc Huntington with RealSure, will provide you with an occupancy agreement that must be signed and returned to RealSure along with the purchase contract.

Is there a minimum amount of time I can choose to stay in my home with Flex Stay?
No, you have the flexibility to stay as little as 1 day to a maximum of 30 days (or anywhere in between). The choice is yours.

What are the fees for Flex Stay?
The fees include a security deposit and a daily occupancy fee, which are determined based on the price point of the home. If you are interested in Flex Stay, simply let Marc Huntington know by indicating interest on the Notice of Acceptance Form. RealSure will provide you and you with the exact fee and security deposit amounts.

Note: Both the security deposit and daily occupancy fee will be deducted from the seller’s proceeds at closing

What do I need to submit in order to use Flex Stay?
In order to access the benefts of Flex Stay, your seller will need to submit the following:
   - Proof of a fully executed purchase contract or fully executed rental agreement with a closing date or move in date within 30 days of the closing date with RealSure.
   - Certifcate of an HO-4 insurance policy that includes general liability coverage of at least $300,000 and personal property coverage. More details about the certifcate of insurance is outlined in the Flex Stay Occupancy Agreement.


*Available in select markets only; limited to participating brokers. Property must qualify for the RealSureSM program, including meeting certain property type, condition, and title related requirements. Execution of program documents is required. Cash offers may be contingent upon property inspection. The RealSure Buy program is only available for RealSure Sell program participants and is not a mortgage product. Program is not affiliated with any real estate professional or lender. This is an advertisement and not a lending offer or an offer to purchase property. See for terms and conditions. ©2021 Home Partners Resources LLC. All rights reserved. REALSURE, the RealSure logo and SELL. BUY. EXHALE. are service marks of Home Partners Resources LLC. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Corcoran, and ERA and all related logos are service marks owned or licensed by Realogy Services Group LLC or its affiliated companies. Home Partners Resources LLC, Realogy Services Group LLC, and their respective affliates, fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Guaranteed Rate Affnity, LLC (“GRA”), NMLS #1598647 is a joint venture between a subsidiary of Guaranteed Rate, Inc. and Realogy Holdings Corp. If GRA is your selected mortgage lender, Realogy and/or its affliates may receive a fnancial beneft. You are not required to use Guaranteed Rate Affnity, LLC as a condition of purchase or sale of any real estate. Home Partners Resources LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Home Partners of America, Inc. and purchases homes for the RealSure Programs through its wholly owned subsidiary, Home Partners Resources Properties LLC (“RealSure Properties”). If RealSure Properties purchases a Property, after closing it may list the Property for sale with a broker and may sell it for more or less than the price it paid. In that event, RealSure Properties and/or its affliates and a subsidiary of Realogy have agreed to share in any net profts or net losses that are generated from the re-sale of a Property